cash for trucks perth

Cash For Trucks in Perth

Cash For Trucks in Perth

Who we are?

One may wonder, “Who is Carxcrapper?” We buy trucks in Perth for cash at Carxcrapper. We are a company that helps consumers and recycles automobiles and trucks in an eco-friendly manner. We assist our clients since we offer the highest cash payment for trucks in Perth. We are a 5-star wrecking company that guarantees client happiness at all times. Please pick up the phone and give us a call if you would like your truck removed from your property. We’ll give you cash and remove the truck at no cost to you. Because Carxcrapper offers the greatest cash payment for trucks in Perth, customers choose us over any other company. You can trust us to do right by you as customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority.


What type of truck do you take?

We accept all types of trucks at Carxcrapper. We want it regardless of the model, manufacture, or even the year. Even in the worst of situations, we will still pay cash for the truck. We genuinely mean it when we state, “Carxcrapper will pay cash for truck in Perth.” The truck may be in good condition, broken, scraped, or incomplete. It makes no difference to us because we want your truck and are prepared to provide the greatest price. We accept Mac, Kenworth, Fuso, Iveco, Scania, Volvo, Mercedes, and even Isuzu. Without causing you any trouble, the truck will be removed from your property for free. It will be an enjoyable experience for you, and you will get paid cash for it. Don’t forget it, at Carxcrapper we pay the highest amount of cash for trucks in Perth.

cash for trucks in perth

How to get cash for your truck?

So how do you get cash for your truck? The first thing you do is you pick up the phone and call Carxcrapper and talk to one of our friendly staff. You will tell them that you are selling your truck and want to organize a pickup. Our friendly staff will ask you a few easy questions about the truck. They will ask about the make, model and year of the truck and what condition the truck is in. Afterwards they will negotiate a price for the truck with you and make sure you are happy with it. Once you are happy with the price, we will take your address down and organize a time which is suitable to remove the truck from your premise. Remember we remove the truck free of charge. A truck driver will come to your premise at the scheduled time and remove the truck.


Why should you recycle your truck?

So, you may be asking what happens to my truck after I sell it to Carxcrapper? Once we purchase your truck, we will assess the vehicle and remove all the parts that are functional. We then scrap the rest of the vehicle through a recycling method to ensure that we get the most from it. That way we ensure that majority of the vehicle has been recycled. The parts that we remove from the truck are then sold to other customers who need them. By doing this both parties win, we help the customer with parts that they need, and we receive payment for it. The body of the truck is then recycled into scrap metal using environmentally friendly methods. These metals are then reused in everyday production such as construction of new cars, construction of buildings and any type of construction that require metals.

When you sell you truck to Carxcrapper you are also helping the environment indirectly. When we recycle your truck, it helps the environment as new metals do not need to be made, the old metals from the truck are recycled. The dramatically reduce the amount of carbon emissions that are produced and keeps our environment nice and clean.


So why choose us over another car removal company?

So, you may be asking, why should I sell my truck to Carxcrapper and not someone else? Here is a list of reasons to choose Carxcrapper.

  1. We provide instant cash for your truck. Like mentioned before we buy all sorts of truck, this means that you will receive cash for your truck no matter the condition. We can also pay you in different methods such as bank transfer, check and even through PayPal.
  2. Easy step by step process to sell your truck. When you deal with Carxcrapper, we make sure that the process is easy and simple. We don’t make it complicated like the other companies.
  3. We are an Australian based local company. By selling your car to us you are helping local businesses. Other car removal businesses are owned by large international companies. These companies don’t pay taxes and take all their profits overseas.
  4. Free towing and no hidden fees. At Carxcrapper provide free towing of your truck. That means we will come to your premise; pay you cash for you truck and remove the truck for FREE! Other businesses will charge you for the removal of your truck which means less money is left for you. Also, at Carxcrapper we have no hidden fees. Other truck removal businesses might charge you fees such as “process fees”.
  5. We are environmentally friendly. We use all the latest methods of recycling to ensure that we don’t harm the environment in any shape or form. This is one of our biggest priorities as we need to make sure we preserve the environment for our future generation. Other truck removal businesses don’t care about the environment and only focus on profits.

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